Incremental Magnetic Sensing Head IKS9


The IKS9 incremental sensing head from BOGEN provides reliable performance across various industrial sectors where precise measurement of positions, distances, and speeds is essential. The IKS9 boasts an accuracy of better than 10 µm, supports travel speeds up to 100 meters per second, and offers an almost unlimited measuring length, all within a robust design.

Numerous adjustable parameters enable easy customization to meet specific application requirements. Its IP67 protection class ensures durability even in harsh environments. When paired with a suitable scale - linear, rotary-radial, or rotary-axial - it delivers highly accurate, reliable, and rapid measurement data acquisition.

Linear encoder for magnetic tapes and rotary encoder for magnetic rings
- Slim-line incremental sensing heads with IP67 housing
- Incremental with reference sensing and resolution to 20 nm
- DPI resolutions & distance coded reference marks available

Applications: robotics and handling systems, automation, medical technology

Technical details
Measurement Method incremental
Linear/Rotary linear and rotary
Housing plastic case
Product Status active
IKS9 Technical Data Sheet (file - 930.05Kb) Download
IKS9 Installation and Operation Instructions (file - 1.18Mb) Download
IKS9 solid model (file - 2.52Mb) Download