Absolute Magnetic Sensing Head AKS17


The AKS17, paired with BOGEN scales, provides cost-effective absolute magnetic measurement solutions for a wide range of industrial applications requiring precise movement measurement.

The AKS17 supports linear measurements up to 3 meters in length and rotary measurements—both radial and axial—from 102 mm to 988 mm in diameter. It offers outputs in BISS-C or SSI, as well as a parallel incremental signal output. With a linear resolution of up to 156 nm and a rotary resolution of up to 24 bits, this hollow shaft encoder significantly outperforms typical shaft end applications.

The AKS17 is compact, with dimensions of 28 mm in length, 16 mm in width, and a height of 6.6 mm (Molex version) or 3.4 mm (FFC version). Its IP67 protection class ensures reliable operation even in harsh environments.

- Miniature sensing head with dual orientation
- Magnetic sensing up to 24 bit (16777216 cpr) & 2.35 m measuring length
- Absolute BiSS-C, SSI or incremental AB0+UVW output 

Applications: robotics and handling systems, factory automation, electro-medical devices

Technical details
Measurement Method absolute
Linear/Rotary linear and rotary
Housing housed version
Product Status active
AKS17 Technical Data Sheet (file - 1.24Mb) Download
AKS17 Installation and Operation Instructions (file - 648.19Kb) Download
AKS17 Solid Model with Molex Connector (file - 3.45Mb) Download
AKS17 Solid Model with FFC Connector (file - 3.46Mb) Download