Absolute Magnetic Sensing Head AKP18


Linear encoder for magnetic tapes and rotary encoder for magnetic rings
Compact PCB sensing head with dual orientation
Magnetic sensing up to 20 bit (1048576 cpr)
Absolute BiSS-C, SSI interface 

Applications: robotics and handling systems, factory automation, electro-medical devices

Technical details
Measurement Method absolute
Linear/Rotary linear and rotary
Housing kit, PCBA
Product Status active
AKP18 Technical Data Sheet (file - 1.13Mb) Download
AKP18 Solid Model P1.28 P1.5 FFC Connector (file - 3.08Mb) Download
AKP18 Solid Model P1.28 P1.5 Wire-to-Board Connector (file - 4.68Mb) Download
AKP18 Solid Model P2 FFC Connector (file - 3.99Mb) Download
AKP18 Solid Model P2 Wire-to-Board Connector (file - 5.60Mb) Download