Incremental Magnetic Measurement Solutions

Incremental Magnetic Sensing Heads

BOGEN offers compact incremental magnetic sensing heads featuring extremely high accuracy and a particularly high degree of modularity. They deliver reliable measuring results even for fast movement speeds and an almost unlimited
measuring length. BOGEN sensing heads come with a robust design for customers in automation, instrumentation and motion control applications. Several adjustable parameters allow easy modification of the sensing heads to application specific needs.

Rotary and Linear Magnetic Scales

BOGEN’s extensive portfolio of linear magnetic scales ensure highly reliable and accurate results up to 3 microns wherever positions and motions have to be measured. They are resistant against humidity, contamination, temperature fluctuations and vibrations and therefore ideal for use in harsh industrial environment.

Purely incremental systems count the number of steps between two positions, i.e. a certain number of steps between the start of the system and now, and steps can be counted in any direction. For incremental systems, the design is simple. Another type of incremental scale has a reference, with a reference position aligned with the zero point of the incremental scale. Incremental systems with a reference require a reference run to find the zero position and then count from there.