Company Profile


Magnetic measurement technology "Made in Germany"

BOGEN was founded in 1951 as a family business. In the beginning we concentrated on the development and production of magnetic measuring heads for writing and reading data for tape recorders, cassette recorders, credit card and parking ticket applications, but also for secure banknote validation.

Today, BOGEN is an internationally recognized specialist for high-performance magnetic measurement solutions in industry and has years of experience in the development and manufacture of systems for complex measurement and control tasks. These include absolute and incremental measurements of lengths, angles, speeds and rotational speeds.

With our high-precision production facilities, we have extensive expertise in manufacturing a complete range of standard magnetic sensors, magnetic rings and tapes for demanding positioning, rotation and motion applications. From prototype to high volume production, our components and magnetic measurement solutions ensure the highest accuracy requirements while maintaining high working distance tolerances.

Do you need a measuring solution tailored to your requirements?

BOGEN also develops customized special components. Instead of designing around an existing standard solution, we work closely with our customers to create product configurations that are 100% tailored to their individual requirements. This increases our customers' degrees of freedom in development design and accelerates the development of new products.

Over the past decades, we have worked closely with partners in a wide range of industries. From manufacturers of advanced surgical and service robots, to measurement solutions for the automotive imaging industry, to aerospace applications, our magnetic measurement systems reliably meet even the most stringent requirements.

BOGEN has a distribution network with subsidiaries and partner companies worldwide. This is how we ensure competent and technical support on site.

In 2020 BOGEN Magnetics GmbH was taken over  by Lika Electronic s.r.l group.